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    Jiedun Electronic Technology Company is engaged in the research, producing and trade of automatic control system. Thanks to the great efforts from our research team and the advanced technology from the abroad, we have produced many in and out automatic control systems with high quality and steady nature. Moreover, our products are known well among other similar domestic businesses. We now have set up product-research center in many brunch companies, which are in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Quanzhou, etc. So far we have Jiedun-owned OLIS automatic door series and parking management system which have the brand intellectual property.

    OLIS series include automatic translation door, arc auto gate, revolving door, medical air-tight door and so on. Our research team has worked on the technology continuously in order to satisfy the need of our customers. Now our products can realize the concentrate control of the systems in the different rooms and floors. The products have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. (Patent number: ZL 2011 3 0146354.4).

    OLIS parking management system has plenty of functions, they can charge automatically, show the acousto-optic and caption, recognize the right of the owner, compare the picture taken from in and out, transfer the voice by long-distance aid, push out and pull in the card automatically, avoid the car crash, etc. There are many kinds of ways to recognize identification, such as close inductor card, middle distance inductor card, long distance inductor card which can reach ten meters, Bluetooth, microwave, license recognition and so on.

    As a product supplier with professional technology, we take great efforts to perfect the quality, increase the functions and improve the services to our customers. Reputation and quality are the life to a firm. “Quality first, customer first” is the forever running faith of our company. Like a boat sailing against the current, we, Jiedun, will try our best to serve the society with great passion. We hope we can shake hands with many more new and old customers, so that we can develop together and make great difference.